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the Forum Rules

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the Forum Rules

Post by Jessica on Sun Dec 15, 2013 1:05 am

1. you can swear on posts and chat box
2. your post must be at least 5-8 sentences long when RPING
3. you should rp at least once a week if possible
4. be nice to others
5. you have to be active often. or your account will be deleted.
6. you get 3 warnings then your deactivated for a week.
7. If absent for more than 3 months without good reason your account will be deleted.
8. Don't be disrespectful
9. This is hunger games related therefore this website is PG13 for violence and suggested humour. You've been warned.
10. Most importantly have fun!
This message has been approved by both Admins, Juliette, and Serena.

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